When people first hear the word welding, the first thing that comes into their mind is about joining two parts together. One of the most common welding techniques is by the use of TIG welding aluminum. Welding is a process wherein two or more metal pieces are join together with the use of a solution but most of the time use with liquid. This solution when heated creates a sticky bond to form the connection between the other piece of metal when cooled.

The concept of welding is an easy process to learn but every beginner should know that welding has many techniques that you could employ. As a start you should start by gathering different types of knowledge from metals that are being used in manufacturing.  Only if you can understand the process of these metals that you can choose to create techniques.

When it comes to welding aluminum, you can use different types of techniques available in the market. Given the high cost of a TG welder, you might be tempted to try other welders but don’t you know that a TIG welder is by far the most effective of them all. A TIG welder is a great for welding aluminum as it ensures safety, ease of use, and given the professional quality it produce. As a suggestion, never compromise for cheap price in exchange for quality.

Here are some of the important settings that you need to know for your TIG welding machine.

Set the polarity to A/C settings.

The ampere value should not exceed more than 1.5 amps per 1/1000 inches thick.

Set both the amperage and contractor buttons.

The torch shielding gas should be around 15cfh. If the cup is smaller then you can set it to #7 without the shielding gas lesser than 15cfh.

For more information, you search the internet for TIG welders that specializes in Aluminum materials.

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