Welding is one of those courses that requires specialize hands to solder two objects into one. Many companies nowadays often require specialize technician to solder things and if you plan into venturing to a soldering career then now is the time to do it.

One of the most common materials that are being welded each day is cast iron. What makes the material hard to solder is the fact it contains a high carbon content that is ten times more powerful and stronger than steel. Difficult it may be, you can always learn how to weld cast iron by doing the common practices.

Repairing Cast Irons Through Heating

The first step is to pre heat the whole welding cast iron. Pre-heating usually starts at around 500 to 1100 , and can be controlled by using specialize heat crayons.

When welding, try to keep small welds and use a low current. Allow thee casting to cool slowly as this will help in reducing the possibility of cracking. If you feel like the pre-heating method is hard, another way to do it is to bury the casting in sand that will slowly hold the heat and allow a slower cooling. Another option that you can use is to use insulating blanket.

Non-Heating Cast Irons

In this method, it relies on making the casting as cool as possible. However, getting the repair up to 100 degrees will be rather difficult as it is hard to touch the metal. You can use specific repair electrodes to make short welds that is capable of an inch long and it will automatically cool naturally.

Of the two methods that we have shown, these are one of the general practices made by professionals in the field. Welding is a slow and precise job, that can take hours to complete, but also one of the highest paying job in the field. Visit your nearest welding training center for more information.

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